Hair Restoration in South Holland, IL

Hair loss is something millions of people deal with, for different reasons. Pattern baldness, alopecia, chemotherapy and even conditions like trichotillomania can leave you with everything from a receding hairline, to bald patches and, eventually, total hair loss.

At Shear Designs II and Hair Restoration Company, we know how difficult it is for South Holland, IL residents to deal with hair loss. We’re committed to exploring hair restoration options based on your unique situation. We use cutting-edge solutions to give you the very best chance at restoring your hair—and your confidence.

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Hair Loss Treatment

The best approach to hair restoration is the one that fits you. For some, this means a hair loss treatment. We’re proud to be the experts for hair loss treatment in the South Holland, IL area, using proven products and techniques to ensure you’re getting the results you want from a successful treatment. As Certified Hair Loss Practitioners and Certified Trichologists, we know the best approach to individualized hair loss, to help improve results and the feeling of confidence that comes with them.

XTC Hair Restoration Products

Our salon uses XTC Hair Restoration products when it comes to stimulating hair growth and nurturing hair as it regrows full and thick. We select the right product regimen to boost your hair restoration, and to ensure optimal results from every treatment. Most important, we can chat with you about the products we’re using, so you have total confidence in the procedure.

  • XTC Growth Therapy
  • XTC Hair Boost
  • XTC Hair Complex
  • XTC Hair Strengthener
  • XTC Silk
  • XTC Thick

Revitalize Your Hair

Shear Designs II and Hair Restoration Company takes an individualized approach to hair restoration. Contact us today at 708-331-1990 to learn more about the products and techniques we use to help rejuvenate and strengthen your hair. We look forward to chatting with you and learning more about how we can approach hair restoration together.

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